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As a leading investment counselling firm in Canada, we are committed to leveraging our deep expertise and global capabilities to provide ongoing insight and research to our clients and partners.

2021 Handy Financial Planning Facts

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Client Guide to 2020 Tax Reporting

This guide summarizes the important dates and required tax information to prepare your annual tax return. It also includes a handy list of potential tax documents/slips you MAY receive from The Royal Trust Company and Royal Trust Corporation of Canada (Royal Trust) depending on your investment holdings and account activity.
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What is CRM2?

Answering your questions about new investment industry regulations coming into effect.
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Time-weighted vs. money-weighted rates of return

While there are a number of ways to calculate an investment rate of return, the time-weighted rate of return calculation is the more common method used in the investment industry. However, by early 2017, all investors will receive an annual money-weighted rate of return, included with a new annual investment performance report. Both are valid and acceptable calculation methods, but each has different uses and can be appropriate in different circumstances.
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RRSP Strategies at Age 71

Although you must wind-up your RRSP in the year you turn 71, this does not necessarily mean that you will no longer be able to benefit from RRSP deductions!
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Safeguarding Your Personal Information

Learn how RBC protects you and steps you can take to protect yourself.
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Estate planning: How to live, and give, in the longevity boom:

The so-called “longevity boom” taking place in developed countries is putting pressure on Canadians looking at how they should save, spend and transfer their wealth over a longer lifespan.
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Wealth transfer: Are your heirs ready?:

When it comes to wealth, many families spend a lot of time and energy building it, but far less focus on how it will be passed to the next generation.
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Caught in the Sandwich Generation? How to mitigate the squeeze:

If you’re raising children and caring for aging parents, you’re part of the growing population segment known as the “Sandwich Generation”.
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A confluence of events could yet light this fire:

The world's billowing cloud of debt has long been an obvious risk, but not a particularly urgent one.
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Fund/Pool Performance

View performance information, top holdings and manager commentary on PH&N Funds, RBC Funds / RBC Pools, RBC Corporate Class and BlueBay Funds. If you are an existing client, please refer to your client account statement to check which fund/pool series you hold. If you need any assistance, please contact your Investment Counsellor.

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