Our Approach

Our “best of minds” investment approach brings together our award-winning affiliated money managers with select sub advisors to provide sophisticated investment management.

A Meticulous Process for Your Peace of Mind

Our Investment Counsellors preserve and enhance your wealth through a disciplined, consistent and customized approach to wealth management.

You - Discovery, Strategy, Implementation, Ongoing Management, Communication

Discovery – Understanding What Is Important to You

Through our industry-leading client discovery process, we develop a deep understanding of your specific circumstances to identify your investment, retirement, tax and estate planning needs, and uncover unique opportunities to build and protect your wealth.

Strategy – Preparing a Solid Foundation

We construct a customized strategy designed to meet your needs, drawing on our rich expertise, product selection and resources, anchored by the wisdom of the RBC Investment Strategy Committee and award-winning RBC Global Asset Management.

Implementation – Putting All the Pieces in Place

Our disciplined investment management process employs a unique multi-manager approach that provides a complete range of investment solutions and styles to ensure the appropriate diversification of investments.

Ongoing Management – Continuous Discipline and Attention

We continually monitor your portfolio to ensure it is in line with your overall wealth management strategy and reflects both changing market conditions and your changing needs.

Communication – Creating Long-Term Value

Communication is an integral part of our approach. Beyond reporting, your Investment Counsellor is always available to provide guidance, answer questions or discuss your portfolio.

Partner With Us

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